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Map Of Walt Disney World In Florida


None Of The Disneyland Parks Can Compare In Size


Looking at a map of walt disney world in florida while fun and helpful in planning some of the activities included in a Disney vacation does not really allow one to experience the awesome size of the complex.  The park covers 20,000 plus acres of land outside the city limits of Orlando, Florida.  Originally the park size was at 30,000 acres of land, twice the size of Manhattan Island.  Parcels of land developed but no-longer owned by Disney have reduced the size to approximately 20,000 acres at present.


Disney World is unique because of its sheer size and complexity.  Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo are each no larger than the Magic Kingdom portion of Disney World Florida. In the Florida location, there are no less than FOUR theme parks including the Magic Kingdom, The EPCOT Center, The Disney-MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom.


map of walt disney world in florida


The Magic Kingdom has 7 areas, called lands which are all the old familiar Disneyland areas.  They include Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown Fair, and, Liberty Square.


      The second theme park to be built on the Disney World site was EPCOT Center. Originally the area was intended to be a futuristic residential planned community but was developed instead as a celebration of human achievement worldwide. 


There are two main themes in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow—Future World and World Showcase.  Attractions at Future World include Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, The Land, Seas with Nemo and Friends and other attractions to challenge and excite the senses.  The World Showcase allows you to learn about eleven different cultures and countries with pavilions located around the perimeter of a large lagoon.


The Disney-MGM Studios allows you to see the workings of an actual movie or television studio.  This 135 acre park is dedicated to Hollywood of the Art Deco Golden Age.  Live stage shows are performed daily. You can see Disney animators at work


The most recent theme park “Animal World” opened in 1998 and has three major areas.  First is the more traditional animals of the world in natural habitat.  Over 1700 animals from 250 species can be seen from the various rides and safaris.  Second is the mythical creatures found in fiction and fantasy, and the third area is devoted to extinct animals such as dinosaurs.


In addition to the four theme parks, there are currently two large water parks, 20 resort hotels, half-dozen golf courses, a sports complex, and a race track for automobiles.  Hundreds of shopping and dining opportunities lie within the complex. The community of Celebration is a part of the points of interest located at Disney World.


The transportation is such a integral part of the planning for the entire Walt Disney World complex that it is remarkable in itself.  Every part of the vast park can be visited with the monorail system or people movers.  You do not have to be concerned about parking once you arrive at your hotel or resort lodging.