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Narnia And Disney Movie Deception


 C S Lewis Book Made Into A Disney Film


The Chronicles of narnia and disney movie deception has been a subject of discussion for years.  Not only in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.” But in other C S Lewis books, the conflict between good and evil, truth and deceit is beautifully portrayed in such a way that the youngest viewer can enjoy it.


It is interesting that so much of the plot of this first volume of the Chronicles of Narnia series relies on deceit in one form or another.  The White Witch lies to Edmund about her purpose. The four children all succumb to dishonest moments at one point or another during the course of the movie, with the possible exception of Lucy.  Particularly vile is not Edmund’s deliberate lie about the existence of the kingdom of Narnia to Peter and Susan, but the fact that he traded his love of Turkish delights for the lives of his sisters and brother. 


narnia and disney movie deception


The faun first deceives Lucy about her role in the events to come as a daughter of Eve, and then deceives by omission, the agents of the White Queen by not reporting Lucy’s presence in the kingdom.  The beavers also deceive the White Queen’s wolfish cohorts by attempting to conceal the three children. 





Each creature who lies from the White Queen to the young Edmund justifies the deceit to themselves and to others around in various ways. The White Queen, by her actions simply wants to maintain control of the kingdom—although it is uncertain why her view of the status of things is so twisted as to prefer the wintry grip.  Edmund first wants simply to frustrate and gain control over and revenge on his siblings, but he is desirous for fulfillment of the agreement with the White King that he will  be provided with all the candy he can consume,


In the sense that deceit can be omission of facts as well as commission of false statements and acts, even Aslan does not share the truth of his intended actions with anyone and could be perceived as omitting a portion of the truth. 


Of course the parallels with the story of human misery under the rule of Satan and by the controversy between Jesus Christ and Satan which was resolved by His death and resurrection as found in the Christian scriptures are unmistakable.  Similar descriptions are to be found in other sacred texts.


Eve was successfully tempted by Satan, who lied and who is “the father of lies”.  The landscape changed from an idyllic Garden to one containing thorns and briars and presumably winter weather, such as had Narnia in its grip at the time of the children’s arrival.  The rest of Earth’s history, like that of Narnia, is one of control by a powerful and deceitful ruler.


The death and resurrection of Aslan followed by the physical battle which defeated the White Queen and her cohorts has its similarities with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but a physical battle on the same scale has not yet occurred here on Earth.