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Something with a mail address to 'Wald Disney World in Florida' would probably reach its destination correctly, even if there was no other identification.  If you need the address to walt disney world in florida it is probably one of the most famous locations in the world, almost like a city, yet in another way, more like a country in itself.  There are a very few places which have such wide name recognition. 


The White House, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, all would probably have mail forwarded there by the respective postal services.  Disneyland, of course, but the only other obvious location which would have similar name recognition is the "North Pole".  Even those letters are sent by the USPS to a specific location in a town by the same name.  However, a letter sent to Wald Disney World would be directed to Lake Buena Vista, Florida which is the official headquarters address.  The official population of Lake Buena Vista is 15.  Bay Lake, one of the other Disney cities in Florida, has a population of 22.  All the residents of either city are Walt Disney Company long time employees who cannot own the housing, but can rent. 


need the address to walt disney world in florida


The City of Lake Buena, Florida has its own zip code, 32821; the zip code for City of Bay Lake is is the same, since most housing for either city is located on the same street.  Either town is located within two miles of the major part of Walt Disney World Resort attractions.  Bay City is midway between the Walt Disney World Motor Speedway and the Seven Seas Lagoon, while Lake Buena Vista is close to the Eagle Pines Golf Course.




The town of Celebration has a population of just over 2700 people where residents do own their housing.  However, the Disney Corporation still retains a strong presence in the community and several business segments are located in downtown office spaces.  Celebration has become most like the planned community originally envisioned by Walt Disney at Epcot.   The Epcot community never did materialize.


Celebration, Florida lies between the Walt Disney World Resort and the town of Kissimmee. Celebration and Kissimmee are both in Osceola County, while the City of Lake Buena Vista is located in Orange County, as is Bay City. Orlando is also located in Orange County.


When most people refer to Walt Disney World Resort, they will say Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, yet Walt Disney World Resort is not located within the boundaries of Orlando at all.  Orlando is located to the north and east of the resort proper and has the nearest major airport.  To those accustomed to driving long distances, the distance to the resort from the Orlando airports doesn't seem very far, and most major hotels in the city of Orlando provide shuttle service to the Walt Disney World Resort several times daily, although it may not be as convenient as riding the monorail system within the park.


Much of the business connected with Walt Disney World Resort is located within the city of Orlando, although in the days of e-mail and internet commerce, the role of the physical corporate offices is less important than the web sites associated with the resort.