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Did you know old pictures of disneylands pirates of the caribbean show a very different attraction than the one originally planned at Disneyland theme park.  The attraction, which debuted March 18, 1967 was originally planned to be a walk-through display of wax figures modeled after real-life famous pirates in the Caribbean area.


This attraction, which was the last overseen by Walt Disney himself, eventually evolved into a boat ride through a cavern with Audio-Animatronics figures in humorous vignettes, taken totally from fiction rather than historical fact.  The attraction as it is today, 40 years later, is much different than the original ride.


old pictures of disneylands pirates of the caribbean


For example, when the ride opened, there was a scene where pirates were shown chasing women in circles, then one overweight female was shown chasing a pirate.  Some guests took offense at this depiction and Disney changed the feature first to have the pursuing woman hitting the pirate over the head with a rolling pin.  When a complete redo was done in 1997 the entire scene was changed so that the pirates were chasing women holding pies and the large woman chasing the pirate is after the ham which he has stolen.



One pirate, exhausted from his pursuit of an unwilling female in the original version holds a woman’s petticoat and makes suggestive remarks as the boat floats past.  The pursued female peeks out from a barrel behind the “Pooped Pirate.”  In 1997, the pirate was transformed into the “Gluttonous Pirate” in search of food and the woman in the barrel was replaced by a cat.


Walt Disney World did not originally have the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, as it was felt it would not be exotic enough to interest visitors who lived in the New Orleans and Caribbean area.  Complaints from guests soon remedied that situation and the Walt Disney World abbreviated version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened in late 1973.  In the Disney World version, the pirates are escaping with various items of treasure while the ladies try to stop them.  The “Pooped Pirate” is staring at a treasure map holding a magnifying glass.  The woman in the barrel is holding a treasure chest.


In 2006 both Disneyland and Disney World presented refurbishments to incorporate elements of the second of the successful trilogy of Pirates of the Caribbean movies, rather loosely patterned after the Disney attractions.  These changes included Captain Jack Sparrow’s appearance with the Pooped Pirate and in the closing scenes where he is shown enjoying a elements of the pirate’s treasure.


Several of the movies’ actors, including Johnny Dep as Captain Jack Sparrow appear in the Audio-Animatronics with singing and speaking parts. These scenes are slightly different in the two American versions of Pirates; Hong Kong Disneyland does not include a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at present, although there are plans for it to be available in the future.  Both Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo include most of the elements of the original version of Pirates of the Caribbean.