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Orlando Hotels Not By Disneyland


You Can Find A Great Hotel In And Outside Of Walt Disney World


According to Disney archives, one of the major reasons why Disney World was built was to control a much larger piece of property than was available at the time in Anaheim.  Even though the Walt Disney World parks currently contain over 17 resort hotels, orlando hotels not by disneyland have boomed in the years since the building of Walt Disney World. 


One would say that it’s more convenient to stay on-site when visiting Disney World.  There’s also no doubt that some extra amenities and perks are available to the on-site visitor than to off-site guests, both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort.


orlando hotels not by disneyland


Since the Orlando hotels generally could be larger than those of Disneyland California and many more people could be housed on site than in California, it is not surprising that many Orlando hotels sprang up to meet the increased demand for Florida resort vacations.  Even if someone is not interested in attending Walt Disney World for some unknown reason, there are enough other attractions in the Orlando area to make the hotel business in Orlando a great example of successful marketing.



Many of the Orlando hotels not on site at Walt Disney World have special package deals of one type or another which will allow guests to receive some, if not all of the amenities one could find on the on-site motels.  For instance, transportation--the on-site resort hotels have transportation to and from the attractions within the park.  The off-site hotels will usually have shuttle or bus service from the hotel to the gates of Disney World, and within the parks, you can use the regular transportation means.

Of course, offsite visitors to Disney World could drive their own vehicles and park in one of the massive parking areas, which would be an additional cost. 


As an incentive to use offsite lodging, Orlando hotels often add extra bonus items to their package deals.  They may provide discounted or even complimentary tickets to Walt Disney World included in the hotel rates.  They may provide complementary vouchers to restaurants located within the amusement parks.


Most of the Orlando hotels realize that the vast majority of their guests are there for vacation type activities and secondly that the guests are probably interested in Disney World deals, but Disney resort is not the only attraction of the Orlando area.  MGM Universal and Sea World Adventure Park are also popular destinations.  By offering packages to guests with various combinations of dining, lodging and attractions, Orlando hotels not only gain guests, but help to ensure guests have an enjoyable time as well as perceiving that they are getting some good deals for the pocketbook.


Generally, those hotels which are furthest from Walt Disney World Resort will be the least expensive with proximity meaning higher rates, but this is not always true.  Hotels take advantage of more than one physical location in order to gain the most guests at a given location. For example, for some guests, being near the airport may be more important than being close to Walt Disney World.  For these guests, one of the numerous airport hotels is a better choice.