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Park Hopper Passes For Disney World


Do The Leg Work Before Purchasing Tickets


Did you know park hopper passes for disney world are just one of the many types of ticket options which you can purchase to be able to gain access to the amusement parks and theme parks within the facility?  Currently The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney Animal Kingdom are open for business as well as two water adventure parks—Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. 


Because of the number of options and combinations available, purchasing tickets to the attractions can be a daunting task.  Yet, there are some absolutes about where and what type of tickets you should NOT buy. 


You should never buy a partially used ticket.  There are at least two reasons for this, one—Florida law makes it illegal to sell partly used multi-day tickets.  People have been arrested to attempting to do so. Usually they are part of an organized ring whose purpose is to defraud and deceive.  However, the victimized visitors are not reimbursed; they just arrive at the gates, only to be turned away for invalid tickets.


park hopper passes for disney world

 Second, Disney multi-day tickets are marked ‘nontransferable.’’  Currently, purchase of

 all tickets such as the Park Hopper Passes, require a finger scan which is recorded on the magnetic strip on the ticket.  The third caution against purchasing partially used tickets is that you do not know until you arrive at the gate whether there are actually remaining days on the pass or not.  This is true even if the tickets are your own. 





For this reason, it is vital that you record the information on the back of the ticket immediately after purchasing it.  Scanning or using your digital camera is a good way to accomplish this task.  Then, always keep track of how many times you have used the ticket and how many remaining uses you have.


E-Bay and other online auction sites, contrary to popular belief, is another place to avoid when purchasing tickets.  It is interesting to note that often these are not bargains at all, but cost more than the same ticket would cost at the gate. These tickets also have the potential to be stolen tickets or tickets which are partially or even completely used.  Again, the only way you will know that is when you arrive at the gate and try to use them unsuccessfully.


Used ticket sites abound in the Orlando area, even though Disney World Security, Orlando Police and the State Attorney General’s Office work hard at shutting down such operations.  While Disney employees may be sympathetic if you can’t use the tickets you purchased from such fly-by-night operations, they don’t allow you in the park on these tickets either.


Some ridiculously low ticket prices are offered on web sites—many of these from Romanian sources.  These require the use of Western Union for payment and unfortunately are totally bogus operations.  Once you send money using Western Union—it’s gone and not recoverable. 


One legitimate way to get a low-cost ticket to Disney World is to listen to a hard-sell timeshare presentation which will require 2-3 hours of your time.