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Pictures Of The Disney Movie Aladin


Can Jafar And A Blue Genie Really Be The Heroes?


In 1992, Walt Disney came up with an idea to use the story and pictures of the disney movie Aladin and the magic lamp. The story originated from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights and create an unlikely pair of heroes.  Yes I know that the Jafar really is not the hero and the thief was, but come on seriously if it was not for the genie their would not be a story. 


When Walt Disney producers came up with the idea to produce this wonderful classic, they decided to bring on great actors like Robin Williams as the genie and Scott Weinger as the voice of the thief and Brad Kane for the singing parts.  You will find also other great actors such as Jonathan Freeman for Jafar, Linda Larkin and Lea Salonga as Jasmine, along with Frank Welker as Abu, Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, and Russi Taylor as Rajah.  With this all-star cast, it is no wonder even 14 years later we still love this cast.


pictures of the disney movie aladin

The movie opens with a merchant telling the tale of how Jafar the Sultan’s grand vizier, has tried to find a way into the Cave of Wonders where the Genie is supposedly resting.  However, Jafar himself is not worthy enough and informed that only the “Diamond in the Rough” can enter.  This brings us to our hero the thief, fleeing the guards with his pet    monkey after stealing a loaf of bread.   You will find reference to both the hero’s activities and Jafar’s in “Arabian Nights” and “One Jump Ahead”. 




Once the thief has gotten away, he races over to give the children a piece of bread and then knocked over by a prince on his way to marry Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter.  Jasmine of course is our heroine and the love of the hero’s life.  Their true love is tested, as Jafar uses the Sultan’s ring to discover that our hero is the “Diamond in the Rough”.  Jasmine was told by Jafar that the thief has been executed, and Jafar disguises himself leading our hero into the cave. 


Our hero asks for his first wish to become Prince Ali and pursues Jasmine’s hand in marriage.  Prince Ali takes Jasmine on a carpet ride and during the night Jasmine finds out that the Prince is really a thief.  Their love is repeatedly tested repeatedly, as Jafar tries to become ruler by forcing Jasmine to become his bride.  Even the Genie gets to a point where he can no longer help as Jafar has stolen him.  The Genie has no choice but to grant Jafar’s wishes, transforms into a snake, and begins to choke our hero.


Do not fear though all is well though and our hero does not die.  The thief shows his true Princely values granting the Genie his freedom and the Sultan rewards our hero by giving him his title making it to where he and Jasmine can be together.