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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Always Comes To Mind


For the three generations which have grown up seeing pictures of walt disney characters, it seems difficult to comprehend how much these animated creations have changed our view of the world.  When they originally took root in the imagination of Walt Disney himself, and later in the mind’s eye of thousands of animators who worked for the Disney enterprises, it’s hard to conceive how the characters were perceived before Disney. 


For example, when one thinks or hears of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” a picture comes to mind.  The heroine is dark-haired with a red ribbon in her hair.  She has the heart-shaped face of a pre-teen.  The high collar of her gown is distinctive. Anyone seeing a representation of this Disney heroine immediately knows that it’s Snow White.  Even more distinctive are the Seven Dwarfs.  Although in the original Grimm Brothers fairy tale describes “Little Snow-White” as being white as snow, red as blood and black as ebony, further description is not done—nor needed.  She’s a beautiful princess as well as being good and kind. 


pictures of walt disney characters


It is the appearance of the 7 dwarfs however are where the talents of the Disney animators shine.  Each of the dwarfs is given a personality and a unique look.  Each one is recognizable by appearance, voice and characteristics.  Even their clothing is slightly different one from another.  When a Disney fan sees a picture of a dwarf, the character is so unique that it is instantly recognizable as Dopey or Doc or Sleepy.  Not only are these dwarfs recognizable, but the look of dwarfs has been forever stamped on imaginations of humans as similar to those in the Disney movie.


Disney characters are copyrighted of course, but with characters so widely known and displayed it would be difficult to pursue legal action against all those who use the pictures in one way or another for commercial gain.  For example, a series of greeting cards several years ago were issued with Disney characters pictures on the front panel and humorous second panel lines.  The pictures contained the copyright markings and the pictures of the characters were well done—not garish outline renditions.  The key that gave away the secret that these greeting cards were not officially sanctioned by the Disney organization is the tacky one-line quips inside the cards.  They barely rose to humor status and certainly did not present themselves as being linked to the squeaky clean image portrayed by Disney characters.


Disney characters do appear legally on hundreds of products from watches to clothing and from lunch boxes to toys. They wander around the grounds of Disneyland and Disney World as well as at their international counterparts.  Snapshots of children and sometimes parents as well with the famous characters are a normal part of Disneyland souvenirs.  Even autographed pictures from the characters made famous by Disney are available. 


Older representations of the Disney characters are profitable as collectibles and have a good market at online auction sites such as E-Bay.