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Pixar Games Are Very Popular And Can Be Fun For The Entire Family 


Part of the fun of seeing Cars: The Movie is looking forward to pixar car’s games, and when they arrived, they got good reviews from the players.  There are enough similarities in style of animation and of course the voices are the same that you get the feel of the movie.


But, not only do you have the computer animated pixar games tied directly to the movie, you also have some good choices in physical activities games as well as puzzles, word games and board games. For example, there is a Pixar Bean Bag Toss game.  This would be a great way to improve your child’s aiming abilities and his eye hand coordination both. The popup board features Lightning, Luigi and Guido and has mesh pockets to capture the beanbags and make them easy to retrieve.


The Sony Playstation and Portable Playstation each have a version of the Car’s games.  These are story based adventure games, true to the movie. Same voices as were used in the movie are used in the game. You can take on the characters of ten movie personages.


pixar car's games

An educational component is added to the games list with the inclusion of flash  cards for multiplication.     


The Pixar version of Checkers includes the traditional game plus three more where the rules require players to assume the character of the heroes.


Mater’s Rollin’ Bowlin’ Game uses Mater replicas to knock the teeth out of the grill.  The “teeth” automatically restore and a counter keeps track of your score.


This game requires 3 AA batteries.


The Tractor Tipping Game is a recreation of the favorite Radiator Springs pastime.  Two to four players move around the board trying to tip over the tractors and collect the points beneath without awakening Frank the Combine.  First player to earn 11 points wins.  This game is intended for 5 to 7 year olds.



The Cars version of UNO has the same great graphics as the movie characters; but it’s played just like regular UNO.  It’s intended for ages 5 through 11.


The Go Pak Cars Piston Cup Board Game moves the cars along to finish in first, second or third place by drawing cards. Guessing winners in advance provides winning points.  The game can be enjoyed by ages 5 and older.


Mattel Later Mater game from the Cars movie is a manual dexterity training game.  Players struggle to put Mater back together again in a timed race before he blows his parts all over the place.


Mattel Cars Dirt Track Racing is fun for slightly older children.  This is a double oval track


These are just a few of the games available to young people who have seen Cars: The Movie.  Those have not yet seen the movie will want to remedy that condition as soon as possible so they can be in a better position to win the games. While seeing the movie doesn’t help you win these games, it does add a depth and richness to the detail which is present already.