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Capitalizing On Cars: The Movie Theme 


The appeal of pixar cars Disney games and movie tie-ins is indisputable.  When the Disney Pixar partnership released the 7th in a series of blockbuster hits called Cars: The Movie in June of 2006, it was expected to be and was another notch in Pixar’s belt. Beginning in 1995 with the widely acclaimed Toy Story, Pixar has had an unbroken series of successes with the concept of computerized animation feature films.  Record after record has toppled including some set by Pixar earlier in another record-breaking movie.


With the history of popularity and demand for the toys associated with the earlier movies, it is not surprising that manufacturers have moved quickly to produce dozens even hundreds of theme items with a Cars The Movie theme.  Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Sally Carrera and the other Cars have already appeared in video games, board games, card games and action games such as bowling and beanbag toss.


pixar cars Disney games and movie


You can find the lovable Cars characters on toy cars of all sizes from 1:64 scale all the way up to a pedal car for a toddler.  The cars can be push type, friction type, windup, battery operated, or radio-controlled.  They are made of metal, plastic or sponge foam.


In addition to the DVD which is inevitable for home viewing in 2006, there are Disney talking books and Disney audio files.  There is also the usual run of children’s story books that will feature Lightning McQueen and his friends in other adventures.


A child’s room can be totally decorated with a Cars: The Movie motif.  This even includes a bed, a chair, a sofa bed and a play tent.  The sheets, pillows, pillow cases, comforter and curtains will all have pictures of the Cars characters imprinted.  The walls of the room can be decorated with stencils or replaceable stickers and borders and the floor can feature a Lightning McQueen rug.  For children afraid of the dark, there are several choices in bedside lamps plus a Lightning McQueen night light to plug into an electrical socket.


In the bathroom, a child’s accoutrements include a toothbrush holder, wastebasket, bathmat, shower curtain.  He can wash his face with a Cars washcloth, use a theme hand towel and dry off after a bath, using a Cars: The Movie bath towel.  There are soap holders and soap dispensers with the Cars characters displayed. 


When the Cars: The Movie fans go off to school, or pre-school as the case may be, they can take their favorite characters along with them.  There are lunch boxes, notebook covers, pencils, erasers and theme books, as well as binders and book covers.  A wise teacher may even take advantage of the movie’s popularity to plan some activities with a Cars: The Movie theme. Lightning McQueen flash cards for learning multiplication tables or geography lessons about Route 66 are a prime example. 


All these products are legitimately licensed by Disney and/or Pixar but that doesn’t even begin to address the issue of the cheap imitations which still appear in the marketplace, and are snatched up by parents who want their children to participate in the magic of Cars: The Movie.