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Disney Pixar Cars Site Is A Good Place To Look


Pixar Cars colouring pages are found in many sites on line, including the Disney official site and the Disney Pixar Cars site.  There is even a page called Ramone's Coloring Book where you can pick a Car, paint it to suit your idea of beauty and print out the page.  Youngsters will enjoy picking a different color for every one of the available Cars and doing the paint job to make these Cars stars shine. 


You can pick up the images and save them as Paint file, using all the custom colors that are available.  The drawing and coloring tools found in Paint makes it possible to customize the colors even more, and add shades and shadows to the basic line drawings found in the image files. You can customize Sally Carrera, Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Ramone, Guido, Mater and The King. 


pixar cars colouring pages

Each of the Pixar Cars has an expected appearance, so you can plan your artistic endeavor to make the coloring pages look as much like the real character as possible; or you can let your imagination run wild and dress the Cars as you see them in your mind.


Lightning McQueen is normally pictured in a bright orange red body with orange and yellow lettering and the sponsorship of Rust-eze across the hood.  A bright yellow '95' is on his side.



Sally Carrera is a powder blue Porsche 911 with a saucy smile and clean lines. 


Doc Hudson is a navy blue Hudson, with chrome work and darker blue highlights.


Ramone is a flashy Chevy Lowrider with purple paint highlighted by yellow flames.  He repaints himself every morning just to keep his skills fresh.  Ramone owns the paint and body shop in Radiator Springs and has painted every car in town, except his wife Flo.  Flo is a Motorama car done in light green.


Guido is a bright blue forklift who speaks Italian and can perform a complete pit stop by himself in a matter of seconds.  He works for Luigi's Casa Della Tires, and speaks only two words in English.  "Peet Stop".



Mater is a rusted out tow truck developed from a 1951 International Harvester Pickup truck.  He was originally painted a light blue.  This color shows through the rust in some places.  Mater is a champion backward driver, and has only one headlight.  Mater is missing his hood as well, but one couldn't ask for a more loyal friend.


The King is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird based on Richard Petty's race car.  It's teal blue in color with detailing in white and the orange Dinoco sponsorship decal on the hood.


Other residents of Radiator Springs have their own distinctive colors and features to copy or improve on when coloring the pictures.


It is amazing that with so many Cars characters, the animators have managed to give each one personality and emphasis.  Their bright colors and simple shapes make them ideal for coloring book pages or colored posters for everything from framed wall prints to refrigerator magnet art work.