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Icons, Avatar Or Animation In Disney Pixar 


Growing in popularity pixar cars icons, like many others are becoming somewhat like collectors items.  There are entire forums set up to discuss where you can obtain certain cars icons and to show off icons already collected.


An icon is a small picture or other graphic generally used as a representation for a person on a forum, blog or journal. Icons can also represent a person in the same way that a screen name or alias or user name does, only in picture format. 


In some applications, an icon is also known as an avatar.  Icons can even have animation in some instances, depending on how large your file size or how much space you wish to devote to your icon.


pixar cars icons


Popular icons for the Disney Pixar Cars movie are, of course the main characters such as Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Sally, Doc or Fillmore.  There are also icons of minor characters such as the Sheriff, Sarge, Mack, King, and Chick. 


An icon for your IM can be as unique as you want to make it, but it is curious that a movie intended for children supposedly, is attracting a whole group of adults who want to use icons from the movie on their web pages and instant messaging or chat room aliases. 


Presumably children from the age group the movie was intended fore would not be using a chat room or instant messenger.  Perhaps the movie has somewhat broader appeal than expected. Or, perhaps having an icon is similar to having a unique ring tone on your cell phone.


It is certainly easier to find and prepare an icon than it is to acquire a cell phone ring tone.  You just identify the picture or animation you wish to use, copy the file or scan the picture and attach it to the page or website where you want it to appear. You will need to make sure the icon is appropriately sized; many sites limit the file size to just a few pixels in area.


There are sites that do challenge icons.  For instance an contestant might be challenged to create 100 icons on the subject of Pixar Cars, reflecting 50 theme words and 50 artist’s choice views.  Sometimes the artist will add animation, or moving highlights, colors or flashes to a portion of the icon.  An example of animation can be found on a web site devoted to icons about Cars: The Movie.  The theme is “light” One of the Cars characters says to the other while both are staring at the blinking traffic light:” I’m telling you man—every third blink is slower.”


This type of icon is certainly more than a quick cut-and-paste icon.  It takes dedication and determination to retrieve animation and incorporate it into another site.  And once the challenge is met, the artist just folds up his tent and goes to another region or location where he can practice maneuvering in and around obstacles.


A work of days or weeks is presented on a web site for others to enjoy with no remuneration of any kind, just the enjoyment of the challenge won.