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How Popular Are Pixar Ecards


Disney Ecards Can Take On Many Different Themes


Lots of people are using pixar ecards as a way to attract attention to a web site about Disney, Pixar or any of the six record breaking feature films produced by the Pixar animation studio.  An ecard is special utilization of the concept of clip art.  It is essentially a greeting card sent over the internet.  As with paper greeting cards, there are literally hundreds of thousands of options.  You can screen cards by character, occasion, verse, type of card, i.e. serious, romantic, spiritual or humorous.


Greeting cards of popular movie characters have always been popular, and ecards are no exception.  More often than not, ecards have humorous themes.  Many of the Disney ecards are musical and animated to illustrate a pun or funny saying.


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Because Pixar has had such a wonderful string of animated movies, they have more than the usual number of ecards with Pixar characters involved.  Ecards have appeared with characters from Toy Story and Toy Story II, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and most recently Ratatouille.  Of course, some of the characters are not popular ecard figures, because the characters appeal only to a younger age group who are not as interested in a greeting card whether ecard or otherwise. 



The ecards which have been developed using the characters from Cars seem to be the most popular amongst ecard users at present, with witty sayings by Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera, Tow Mater,  Guido and Luigi appearing on cards.


Given that the other popular animated ecard characters tend to be either from the childhood of the baby boomer generation, it may be that these characters will become more popular as ecard subjects after the current crop of youngsters reaches ecard age.


The one drawback of ecards over standard greeting cards is that they usually require some type of electronic conveyance of the picture, animation and message. It will be interesting to see how this lack is addressed in the future.  Perhaps there will be some type of ecard available to be sent via cellphone.


Since ecards are, by definition sent over the internet, the orders must be placed online and delivered online.  Most ecards have the capability to personalize the message or add a message, as well as adding "To" and "From" and the sender's name.  You can usually add a limited number of characters in a personal message in the ecard. Almost all ecard sites are free today, with the ecard often used as a "come on" for other products or services on the web page.  Once the personal information is entered into the card, you can send it off to the recipient.  They in turn receive an email stating that they have an ecard and are requested to go to a secure site to pick up the card.


Some of the delivery sites retain the card for the recipient for a limited number of days.  Others retain the card for a few days, but must be purchased in order to send them off in the first place.