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The pixar official monsters inc .com website is filled with music, images and information about the movie and its characters and creators. 


The movie itself is another creation from the imaginative folks at Pixar.  Monsters Inc was the fourth of Pixar’s successful feature length animated movies to hit the screen in 2001.  The Disney story line is based on the premise that every child knows there are monsters in the closet or under the bed hiding and waiting to scare children once the lights go out.  The director Pete Docter was no exception.  He began exploring the idea of the monsters working at a job of scaring children was the basis of the movie.


If you follow the great abundance of detailed explanations of the story and how it developed, the website shows some of the original concept drawing and some of the dead ends that occurred.  For example in the beginning versions of the story, monster Sully (Sullivan) was incompetent at scaring and so worked as a janitor.  The human child Boo who accidentally enters the world of Monster Inc was tested with drawing showing her at different ages, with different coloring and body types before settling on the final version.


pixar official monsters inc .com

 In developing the story, each main character was fully rounded with a background and rich details of his or her life incorporated into the movie.  In addition, the city of Monstropolis was fully developed as well.  Thought was given about the different types of housing and accommodations which would be required for different types of monsters and those details make the imaginary city seem almost real. Character development was accomplished by assigning each main character to a key animator who worked as head of team to solve problems of expression and body language for these characters. 



The official website provides quite a bit of information about the proprietary software programs developed by Pixar during its animation work for this movie.  For example each hair on Sully’s body is individually identified on the computer and each has the information as to length, shading, texture and body placement mapped into the software program.  When the beast moves, the computer programs determines which of the 2,320,413 hairs should move with him, in which direction and how far.  


Details about the financial success of Monsters Inc are included on the website.  By 2002, it had become the second highest grossing animated film in history—The Lion King was in first place.  Box office gross receipts world wide were $268 million. It also won an Oscar for the best original song--If I Didn’t Have You.


A cast of characters which is devoted to saving Monstropolis from human contamination round out the details which make this movie a story as well as an animation triumph.  Sullivan is the hero monster with a heart of gold.  His roommate and friend is Mike Wazowski with a fine comedic talent. The owner of Monsters Inc is Henry J Waternoose III who is not your typical hard-hearted boss and the snake-haired receptionist Celia who is also Mike’s love interest in the movie are just a few of the creatures you will meet.