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The products from cars pixar disney movie, as with any popular movie cover all areas of the house, from child's bedroom to kitchen.  There is even outdoor products for children to play in and around that are related to the movie.




Of course, the most obvious products for any movie, including Cars are toy cars.  Each of the major characters has namesake cars available.  Lightning McQueen not only has model cars, but he has a bachelor pad on a Mack Truck with accouterments like arcade games, a car wash, and a lounging area. 


A child-sized battery operated Lightning McQueen car is another item that is popular with the junior set.  The car has two speeds(parent controlled), either 2.5 mph or 5 mph. sound effects and the voice of Lightning McQueen from the movie.  Most children seem able to master the steering within minutes.  The car is suitable for ages 3 to 6 or 7, depending upon the size and weight of the child. It works on grass or pavement.


products from cars pixar disney movieAn outdoor playhouse in the shape of Lightning McQueen's service station makes a great club house or camp out location or even a place for a rainy day picnic.  It's made large enough to accommodate up to four children, and features a tunnel port and a flat door.









Several computer games and video games, as well as several board games are now available in the Cars line.  In addition, home school educators have developed a series of Cars related study materials to use in home classes.  Children can learn about the cities along Route 66, for example. 




For the toddler, you can choose a Pixar Cars wooden bed.  This brightly decorated bed is suitable for ages 3 and up.  It has detachable side rails for safety, sits low to the ground for easy access and exit and helps the child make the transition from crib to big boy bed.  The weight range is 25 to 50 pounds.




Of course, to go along with the bed decorated in Lightning McQueen motif, you can purchase bedding which is just right for cribs, single beds or even double bed mattresses.  The bedding can be purchased as a set with comforter, sheets and pillow cases.  In addition, window treatments in matching curtains help give the room a unified look.


For a child's bathroom, or just for fun, choose bath towels and sets in every size from hooded infant towels to beach blanket size. The towels are bright in color and have a variety of Cars stars in action poses.




Wall stickers help the child's room to look like a Cars set.  The stickers are generally removable.  A Cars rug helps the youngsters to enjoy the bright colors in the movie and identify with their favorite characters. Add to the look by featuring a Lightning McQueen alarm clock. Several lamps or lights featuring the Cars theme are to be found in either desk top models or floor models.