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Self Esteem And Pixar: Boudin Who?


Who Is Bud Luckey And Why Do Our Kids Love Him


To simply put it, self esteem and Pixar: Boudin is the cute short film you will see before the movie The Incredibles. This is on the 2 disk DVD collectors release from a short clip called "Who is Bud Luckey".  


This hilarious short film stars a desert-dwelling sheep whose is popular with the other animals because of his elegant dancing. However one-day sheep-sheerer arrive to collect his and the other sheep’s wool. Having his coat sheared off the sheep becomes shy and loses his assurance to dance. During his bare period a Jackalope teaches the sheep the benefits to Boudin' rather elegant dancing, which shows him how to get up when he gets knocked down. The sheep learning this valuable lesson has his confidence restored and is able to dance once more. Becoming popular again due to his dancing skills.


 self esteem and Pixar: Boudin


This is the first Pixar short and Disney DVD with a theatrical release that included vocal performances; it was also nominated in 2003 for an Oscar for short films.  The Writer and director of this Disney film, Bud Luckey planned and articulated each character, wrote the entire story and composed the music.  The director’s commentary for The Incredibles mentions that Brad Bird wanted to introduce the Pixar animated short by having Rick Dicker, from the Movie come in with his Banjo and sit down starting things off. 



Many Pixar Short Film contain a number of elements from other short films and Boundin' is no exception with each of these mentioned on the Disney DVD release of The Incredibles.  The Ford Model T that carries the sheep sheerer is a model for the 2006 Disney film, Cars that was the statue of the Founder of Radiator Springs, known as Stanley. The hand of the sheep sheerer is that of the dentist and the fish in the pond from the character Gurgle, in Finding Nemo.   


Other Pixar short films in the year they were released are:

· Luxo Jr. (1986)

·     Red's Dream (1987)

· Tin Toy (1988)

·     Knick Knack (1989)

·     Geri's Game (1997)

· For the Birds (2000)

·     Mike's New Car (2002)

·     Jack-Jack Attack (2005)

· One Man Band (2005)

·     Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)

·     Lifted (2006)


Another fact about this Disney short film is that there is a hidden Easter Egg on the Cars DVD. Where on the main screen, after the third image of the Piston Cup flashes in front of Lightning McQueen, a Dinoco 400 logo appears in the bottom right hand corner. Upon selecting it, a short film featuring Lightning, Mater and Guido that parodies the Pixar short Boundin' will play. 

When my own children first seen this clip they laughed and laughed and my son actually asked for us to replay it again.  Yes the movie we intended on watching The Incredibles was seen that night and my kids ask to watch it repeatedly.  However there has to be enough time to watch Boundin’ as well.  This was the first time they had noticed the little cartoon (as they call it) before a movie, even though we have seen several movies with short films in them.