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Teaching Activities With Disney Movie Cars


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As is often the case with popular movies and stories, teaching activities with Disney movie Cars abound.  These leisure time activities, almost always aimed at young children range from pencil and paper car games to classroom activities in support of such subjects as math, composition, geography, and science.  Internet or software games can often include activities which strengthen coordination and logic.


Cars: The Disney Video Game is an example of a software game.  There are several versions of video games available at present.  XBox 360 and XBox software by Microsoft are geared differently, but are similar games including story based adventures with individual and multiple player modes. There are over 30 games or mini games included in each version.  The voices and scenes from the movie are reproduced as part of the game.


The Playstation2, Wii, Nintendo and Game Cube are all console based games.  Hand held games are Nintendo DS, Game Boys Advance, and PSP System, The Radiator Springs Adventures released by PC/Mac Activity Center has many other features.


teaching activities with Disney movie Cars


A Leap Frog Leapster Disney Cars game works on the Lmax system. This particular game teaches early reading skills such as upper and lower case numbers, distinguishing between letters and numbers, understanding beginning and ending word sounds, and learning vowel sounds;  mathematics skills encouraged are counting, sequencing, grouping, the concepts of less than and greater than; counting by two's, five's and ten's; and relating words for numbers and the numerals; and other skills such as matching, positions and patterns.



The Later Mater game is based on the characters created during the Cars movie.  The plastic action figure has parts that fall off along with a timer.  The pieces including tires, lights, bumper and engine fall off just as they do in the movie.  Players race against the clock to put Later Mater back together before the time ends.


Another board game which is suitable for car trips is a metallic surface board with playing pieces shaped like the cars.  This is great for the child's imagination, since there isn't a precise game involved. 


Two typical paper and pencil activities are like many of those available to parent and educators. From the Cars website, you can download pages to print out and use as coloring pages. Each of these four available pages from the website includes a puzzle such as a letter replacement code which uses the name of the DOC character prior to his life in Radiator Springs.  Another interactive website game is three different jigsaw puzzles.


Many home school sites provide activities which have been developed with a loose tie to the Cars movie.  For instance, there are geography exercises which help students learn cities and towns along Route 66.  Spelling terms can tie to Cars or any other movie or book. Most educators welcome the opportunity to catch the interest of a child.  If using movie characters in any way to challenge, interest, excite, or sometimes even involve the child's imagination in spite of themselves, such activities have a profound ability to influence the child to learn.