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Ticket Prices To Walt Disney World In Florida



Disney Admission Price Was Much Lower When It First Opened


In 1971 when it opened, ticket prices to walt disney world in florida were very different not only in type, but in amount than they are 35 years later. 


In 1971 the Magic Kingdom was a very different place.  Some of the original rides still exist but many are only a part of trivia books now.  When visitors arrived on October 1, 1971 they would have paid a whopping $5.00 for admission to the park. That was a steep price considering the hourly salary rate for most men at that time.  That price though, didn’t include most of the rides.  Oh, there were a few freebies, but mostly these were appropriate for small children.  In addition to the disney admission price which simply got you in the gate of the Magic Kingdom, you would need to purchase coupon books or attraction tickets to take part in the individual rides. 


ticket prices to walt disney world in florida


The Disney attraction tickets came in different denominations numbered from A tickets (the lowest) to E tickets which were for the best rides in the park.  The most popular rides such as The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean were always E-tickets. An attraction could be demoted if it lost popularity in order to encourage more riders.  An adult 7-ride coupon book cost $4.75 and individual ride tickets cost 25 to 50 cents each. 



The A through E tickets system continued through the 1970’s” but was rather abruptly discontinued in 1980 and 81.  In November of 1980 the A to E tickets were replaced by a 10-Adventure ticket book.  These tickets could be used at any of the attractions in the park and were also intended for use after the Epcot Center’s planned opening. In 1981, Walt Disney World began issuing Magic Kingdom Passports for either single days or multiple days to members of the Magic Kingdom Club.  “Club” members could use the Passports for unlimited rides during the day or days of the Passport validation. At the close of 1981, all old tickets were phased out and could only be used by applying them toward the purchase of a new Passport.


Today the only vestiges of the old A through E ticket system are in E-Ticket Nights.  On property guests can purchase a wrist-band which gives them an additional three hours of rides after the park officially closes to other guests.  This means significantly reduced wait times.  Disney characters are still wandering around to greet guests and the food service establishments stay open to cater to guests on these evenings.


Today, a Walt Disney World admission ticket is a very expensive proposition.  Even a one day admission to the Magic Kingdom for an adult will cost $67 in 2007.  On the other hand, there are some discounts today that were not available 35 years ago.  Florida residents get special rates; you can purchase Park Hoppers; seasonal passes and annual passes. There are discounts for group rates and special rates if you are staying at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.