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The Disney Company is so associated with the Winnie-the-Pooh characters, that a tokyo disneyland pooh's honey hunt video game would not seem at all surprising. Yet, the star of this Winnie the Pooh video game is not Winnie the Pooh, but Tigger.  This game is intended for young children, ages 3-5 years but some of the actions take much more understanding of computers and technical settings than would be possible for a four year old.


According to one sales site, the game has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Newkidco.  Reviewers on line have a number of complaints about the game, specifically about compatibility issues with many computers. This is an older Disney video game with a release date of April, 2001, as it calls for Windows 95, and 98. Later versions are also compatible with Windows ME and Windows XP. The Disney Interactive version is intended for Playstation I, II, and III and the Nintendo 64. 


Although reviewers praised the graphics, most were not too complementary about the game's suitability for a four year old. Other reviewers found some programming errors which reflected in the completion of the game statistics. 


tokyo disneyland pooh's honey hunt videoThe basic premise of the game is that Tigger is helping prepare for Pooh's birthday by collecting honey pots.  Part of the skill is in teaching Tigger how to jump extra high. Honey pots that were too well hidden spoiled the action of the game for some players, especially since they didn't know until they were farther into the game that they wouldn't be successful.


According to the version distributed by VTech/ Disney Interactive, the video game teaches alphabet, phonics, numbers, colors, counting and shapes. The adventures in the 100 Acre Woods include appearances by Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Roo and Kanga. 


The consensus seems to be that the game would be appropriate for three to five year olds, but that parents or older siblings would find the game somewhat enjoyable for a while at least.  Most reviewers felt that the game part was suitable for younger children, but it would take an adult or older child to supervise and encourage before the child would be interested in pursuing Tigger through his game adventures.


There are several associated products with the Honey Hunt theme.  For instance, Duplo puts out a complete Lego set under the same title.  There is at least one version of an activity book featuring Tigger and friends.


Tigger's goal is to collect as many honey pots as possible for Pooh's birthday party.  Along the way, children can collect photograph segments for Tigger's photo album.  There are nine levels in the game, with three mini games.  Photographs are available for each level which will have a final surprise photo album feature.  Some of the factors which Tigger must overcome in his quest for Pooh's honey pots include creepy trees, strange woozies, scary crows, steep slopes, and all sorts of other frightening things in this adventure.


The new price for the item was just under $30, but the price has dropped significantly and it available in some E-bay stores for about 10 - 15% of the new price.