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Used Timeshares For Sale Disney World


Avoid The Pitfalls Of Buying And Selling A Timeshare


The used timeshares for sale disney world are fetching a good price, even though some of them are several years old. 


Whether or not you will be successful in selling your used timeshare depends on many factors, including how your contract is written, whether or not there are extra amenities included in the contract which you signed, and when your weeks of usage are scheduled.  If you purchased a timeshare in a less than desirable location which doesn't include tennis courts or pools or spas, for instance, you may have a much more difficult time selling the property.  If you do sell, the price may be significantly less than you paid for it in the first place.


The desirable locations are more likely to sell, but you still shouldn't expect too much in the way of income from the sale.


Another feature to check, preferably before purchasing the timeshare in the first place is the exact nature of the contract which you hold.  Is it a deeded ownership in the company, or is it a right to use agreement.  RTU agreements expire after a fixed time, and the price for reselling one of these contracts depreciates rapidly as the date draws nearer to expiration.


used timeshares for sale disney worldIf you are looking at selling a used timeshare, it's highly recommended that you contact a real estate agent who specializes in selling timeshares.  They have the connections and understanding of the complexities of the timeshare sale and can do a better job of representing your interests than can an agent who doesn't understand the market.


If your timeshare is a unit that's part of a national or even regional chain, you may be more successful in selling it.  The buyer will have a broader range of choices and amenities in other parts of the country.  Around Disney World, you may be far better off to simply rent your timeshare, rather than try to sell it.


The advantage of a timeshare for families visiting Disney World is the comfort and relaxed pace of your own space, while being close to all the vacation extras which the Walt Disney World Resort provides.  If you time share is one which has things like tennis courts, pools, spas, and sometimes even arcade game rooms.  Often the timeshares are located close to golf courses.


So if you really want to sell your timeshare, there are several tips to keep in mind.  First, it will be very difficult.  You are only able to control the price and the advertising.  You must be sure to price your timeshare competitively and must advertise in the right locations in order to have any hope of selling. 


Determine what equivalent units are being sold for--not the advertised price but the closing price.  Take advantage of any and all free advertising which you can find.  Internet posts on travel and vacation web forums, or "For Sale by Owner" sites are an inexpensive way to advertise.  You can also use a public bulletin at the timeshare community hall to reach renters who might like to expand their vacation time at the timeshare and make it permanent.