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Disney Gift Shops Are A Great Place To Start


It seems as walt disney gifts are popular all year around, but there are also times when the choice of gifts for those who love Disney memorabilia is extra abundant. Times like the holiday season or for a special birthday, or even just to celebrate friendship is a great excuse for selecting a gift from the Disney collection. 


Some of the gifts are suitable for children such as bedding and furnishings for a child's room.  Disney gift shops can be a great place to find theme items for a little girl who wants to be a princess or has dreams of Tinkerbelle.  Little boys tend to appreciate gifts related to talking race cars or pirate ships. Board games, video game software or activity or sticker books are great choices for youngsters.  This type of gift has the advantage of being readily available and not so expensive as some of the one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find items.


walt disney gifts

 It's important to be sure that any gift chosen for a youngster be selected with the child's age in mind.  Almost all toys are labeled with an age suitability range. 

 You may think you child is ready for a pedal car with a Disney theme, but if they don't have the physical strength to push the pedals or the maturity to apply feet to the floor or whatever serves as the brakes, better wait to give the gift until they're a little older. 





Many parents sites provide reviews of toys, so it's a good idea to go on line and check out some of the reviews.  See how satisfied other parents were with the toy, before you make plans to purchase it for your own youngster. 


The Disney Stores in many locations around the country and on line as well are wonderful places to browse for unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts.  How about a Minnie Mouse beanie baby in a Japanese kimono, or Pluto wearing a Viking hat?  Disney movie posters are not hard to find, but how about one with the signatures of Johnny Dep, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush.  A signed mini poster, plus a prop pistol used by the pirate Sparrow, in a shadow box and frame sells for $4500 at the Starabilia Shop.


How about a wooden Pinocchio with a nose which can be lengthened?  This little fellow is hand carved and hand-painted, and can be purchased in the Italy pavilion at Epcot for a minimal $250. At the other end of the scale is a 42 pound replica of the Cinderella castle with over 22,500 crystals and 23kt gold plate which stands 20 inches high. This limited edition treasure can be purchased for $37,500.


Perhaps the best gift of all with a Disney theme would be a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort for the entire family.  There are many ways to enjoy either Walt Disney World or Disneyland with a family or a group.  This type of gift will stay in the memories of your children for a lifetime. It will never wear out or be outgrown.