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Walt Disney World Florida Resident Play 4 Ticket U


Great Deals On Disney Tickets For Local Floridians


Did you know that walt disney world florida resident play 4 ticket u offer Floridians substantial savings when they want to visit the theme parks at Walt Disney World.  Of course, some restrictions apply, but they are about what you would expect and certainly not onerous.


The current offer allows Florida residents to purchase one of several types of disney tickets in order to gain entrance to the theme parks in an effort to allow them to enjoy the park more frequently. It is true that without the cost of lodging, the price of entrance to one or more of the parks becomes much more reasonable.


walt disney world florida resident play 4 ticket u

The system of ticket purchases can be confusing at first glance, simply because there are so many options to look at.  First the guest needs to determine how many days he wants on a base ticket.  The base ticket allows entrance to one park per day.  Then if you want to visit multiple parks per day, you add the park-hopping feature or add additional days, depending on your own schedule and capacity for the activities.  Up to ten days at either the adult or child rate can be purchased on the base ticket.  Ordinarily, the base ticket expires after 14 days, but you can also purchase a no- expiration option.


To use an example as a comparison—A seven day base ticket for an adult with no expiration would cost $319.50 at gate price.  The discounted price is $296.00 if purchased in advance.  However, the Florida resident could purchase seasonal pass for $237.50 which allows unlimited entrance to the four theme parks for a full year.  Extra features such as complementary parking and water park access cost additional fees.


Another ticket special that Florida residents can take advantage of is the Epcot After 4 ticket at a cost of $131.00.  This allows entrance for dining and evening activities at the Epcot for a full year. 


The Florida residents’ annual premium pass allows full access to all activities at all of the parks and the water parks as well plus complementary parking for a first time price of $473.93.  This option is good for a full 365 days and is renewable.


Florida residents receive the discount, but each ticket must show proof of residency at the gate with no exceptions.  Florida residents are not allowed to purchase discounted tickets and use them for out of state friends and family, except of course young children do not typically have proof of id, so the grandparents could conceivably take visiting grandchildren into the theme parks based on the grandparents’ residency and id proof.


Disney World policies are quite specific about the residency rules, even stating that those who attempt to let another use their purchased ticket, or who cannot submit the required identification not only will not be allowed admittance to the park, but could lose the right to enter on that pass or ticket in the future.


Overall though, the discounts available to Florida residents make this a great bargain for entertainment in a variety of styles and activities.