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Walt Disney World Resort Logos


A Reflection Of The Magical Kingdom Castle In The Sky



Yes, walt disney world resort logos are intended to be unique and to call to mind the experience and the theme. But in actuality, there are so many of the logos and many of them have changed more than once over the years since they were created that there are even fans who collect and categorize the logos as a hobby.


In general though, many of the more recent logos include Walt Disney’s stylized signature followed by the word “World”  The overall logo then reflects the magical kingdom castle in the sky.  Epcot Center has had a number of different logos, all relating to its symbol of Spaceship Earth.  Future World at Epcot contained a number of pavilions which were meant to commemorate aspects of technology.  Originally each pavilion had a unique logo which was featured on signage and on the pavilions, but this practice has been largely phased out.


walt disney world resort logos


The original Universe of Energy logo features five red concentric circles on a white background.  Innoventions logo features a closed hand with thumb upright holding a light bulb. The light bulb holds an image which suggests a geodesic dome.  A triangular neon frame for the bulb is on a black background.  The word “Innoventions” in white lettering lies across the bottom of the logo.  Mission Space logo features the motto “We Choose to Go” around the perimeter of a field with the Earth in the background and a spacecraft with fiery tail heading up and to the right.


During the early stages of Epcot, various corporations funded and sponsored both the look and the operation of their pavilion and the logos of the corporation were then prominently featured in the respective pavilion.  For example, Kraft and Nestle both sponsored “The Land” pavilion at different times during its history. 


The logo of Disney’s Animal Kingdom features a silhouette parade of large animals including a winged dragon in front of the representation of The Tree of Life which is a unique and popular attraction at the site.


Disney-MGM Studio not only uses the MGM Lion and logo in its advertising, but also has its own unique logo, that of Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat. 


Although not officially a logo, over the years a great deal of interest has been stirred by the quest of “Hidden Mickeys” or “Lost Mickeys”. These are a well-known tri-circle representation of the head with two mouse ears attached.  There have been literally hundreds of these portrayals in everything from shrubbery the pupils of the eyes of pictured characters.  Even the shape of the park was at one time a Hidden Mickey.


The problem was that as changes were made in furnishing and fixtures in the Disney World grounds no one bothered to update the list of where the Hidden Mickeys were located so that Hidden Mickeys often became Lost Mickeys.  Interestingly enough, there is actually at least one website dealing with finding and confirming the appearance of Hidden or Lost Mickeys, although even the confirmations appear to arouse a great deal of conflict amongst visitors to the site.