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Wardrobe Costume Beauty And The Beast


Disney Animation Has Done A Lot For Collectibles


Amongst all the Enchanted Objects, the wardrobe costume beauty and the beast character is one of the most appealing.  In the animated version, neither the Wardrobe nor the Feather Duster had names, but on Broadway and in the touring productions, the Feather Duster becomes the French maid Babette and the wardrobe was named Madame de la Grande Bouche. Linda Woolverton who wrote the book on which the musical Broadway show is based fleshed out both characters and gave them each a name. 


The Disney animation film of 1991 featured JoAnne Worley as the voice of the wardrobe while the maid Babette, was Mary Kay Bergman.  In the stage production, the Madame de le Grande Bouche sings arias. She’s a former opera diva with a voice and an ego to match.  The sassy feather duster is the love interest for Lumiere.


wardrobe costume beauty and the beast


Some unusual collectibles have been developed by Disney animators and artists.  Using story lines, actual cells from production and other sources, artist create a sculptures which show the character with full personality displayed.  Sometimes the entire scene is recreated to place in perspective.  Both the Wardrobe and the feather duster are available as signed pieces. 




A Christmas ornament of Belle and the Wardrobe is beautifully done with Belle in the signature blue dress looking at the selection of a yellow ball gown in the wardrobe.  The wardrobe version is more matronly and fleshy than some of the other characterizations.


A figural box showing Chip inside the wardrobe is very detailed, but not sympathetic to either character.  The expressions appear almost pained.


Specific searches for the Babette character collectible items revealed much the same sort of items.  Pins, cups and ornaments all capture the flirty Babette with her well-known fashion sense.  She’s beautifully captured in a fine sculpture commissioned by Lenox.


Both items appear in grouped play sets which are still available on E-Bay, but at best the Wardrobe has been a minor character especially in the animated version.  Both characters occasionally appear in posters, pictures and publicity stills on both the animated and the musical version, but only as background.  They are not nor were they meant to be major roles, so pins jewelry, charms and the like are rare and thus more expensive to purchase than the other more common items. 

Most e-bay collectible items of this sort have been pretty well picked over.  Many of the items were only purchased with the idea of a quick resale on E-Bay.  A few collectible gems do appear, but only the serious collector could probably be purchasing this type of item.