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What Is the Zip Code For Walt Disney World Florida


It Can Take A Little Work To Find A Zip Code


If a person tries to find what is the zip code for walt disney world florida, it’s almost an impossible task, because Walt Disney World is not considered a city.  When the corporation moved into the Orlando area, it bought up a number of parcels of land including the City of Reedy Creek and part of the City of Bay Lake.  The cities were incorporated in 1969 allowing the Walt Disney Corporation to essentially own the city.  This gave the new city—named Lake Buena Vista, Florida in honor of the California street address of the Disney headquarters—the right to sell municipal bonds and proceed with other quasi governmental activities.


As of the 2000 census, Lake Buena Vista, Florida had a population of 16 which dropped to 15 in the 2004 Census Bureau records.  The residents of the town are a few Disney World employees who live in miniscule community north of Downtown Disney on Royal Oak Court.  The Disney Company owns all the land.  The zip code for Lake Buena Vista is recorded as 32830. 


what is the zip code for walt disney world florida


Bay Lake has a similar history to Lake Buena Vista.  The population of Bay Lake was 23 at the 2000 census and dropped to 22 by 2005 estimates.  The residents live in a small community on the north short of Bay Lake.  They are Disney employees.  Except for 5 senior Disney employees who each own a five acre plot of land to give them voting rights in the improvement district, all land in the city of Bay Lake is owned directly or indirectly by the Disney Corporation.  The zip code for Bay Lake is recorded as 32821. 



Originally Walt Disney planned to construct a complete community at the Epcot site, which was to be run by the Disney Corporation.  It was to be a community of 20,000 people who lived and worked at Disney World.  The residents would not own their houses. 


The city of Celebration, Florida is considered by some to be the replacement city for EPCOT, but in fact Celebration is different in many ways from the Disney intent. Celebration is an unincorporated master-planned community located in Osceola County, Florida and developed by the Walt Disney Corporation.  Celebration is located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom via World Drive, so residents of Celebration do not need to commute via crowded thoroughfares to reach the park.  The community is moving toward incorporation, possibly as early as 2007 as the Disney Corporation relinquishes control. 


The theme of the community is not the futuristic city that Disney envisioned, but a “New Urbanism” motif which brings houses and businesses along with green space into a cohesive whole.  Neighborhood activities are common, most people use electric scooters or golf-cart type vehicles.  The community is not gated, but the look and feel is protected by a Homeowners’ Association via ‘covenants’.  Some find the rules oppressive while others enjoy the architecture and sense of community.

Celebration contains a post office, seven churches, a fire station and a hospital.