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Linking To Magic Kingdom Will Give You Many Options


If one would type in the URL for Florida Walt Disney World.com as www florida walt disney world com, the site is not recognized. However, by removing the word Florida from the equation you get www.waltdisneyworld.com.  That address redirects automatically to the official Disney website.   Disney.go is a vacation planner site, but certainly contains a wealth of information about all aspects of the entire Walt Disney World operation.


The vacation planner site contains four sections called Where to Play, Where to Stay, More to Do and Affordable. If one were actually planning a trip to Walt Disney World, and used this site to navigate and make decisions based on what was seen, it is probable that too much information is available.  For example, working from the web page above, you could follow the “Where to Play” link which gives four links to four parks but refers to two additional parks for water fun attractions. The links to the water parks appear to be tucked away down in a corner of the page, although that appears to be a vacation package advertisement. Electing to follow the first theme link to the “Magic Kingdom” theme park brings you to a page with a number of links to other attractions and the option to decide what age group is going to participate in the events.  Following one of the links brings more descriptions of individual events, who would be most interested in the attraction and other similar attractions. 


www florida walt disney world com


Numerous advertisement/links to other attractions in other theme parks one supposes tend to clutter the space, partially because many of them appear to not be included in the standard activities and must be arranged in advance. Links for dining, entertainment and sometimes lodging appear on the pages.





Returning to the Disney.go page is confusion and choosing another route—Resort Maps—brings up a map of the entire resort.  By bringing up the map for the Magic Kingdom, and then clicking on Splash Mountain, the ride is described, along with height requirements and information about handicapped accessibility.  The capability of virtual marking of sites which look promising for building your vacation list helps to narrow down the choices.


Once you have a list of the main Disney attractions which you want to see, the next major decision is where you want to stay.  Having discovered the resort map on the earlier web surfing, you can look at the various possibilities and follow their links to determine the best theme for your own requirements.  You’ll also want to take into consideration the in-resort transportation and how it connects with the sites you want to visit.  Another key factor is where you will eat.  Perhaps you want Polynesian lodging and French food. If you have special dietary considerations, that may be a factor in your dining choices. 


If you still have the time and energy, you can then browse some of the “More Attractions” sites.  Perhaps you want to golf or shop, or simply rest.


Once you’ve made all the choices, then you can begin to follow the links to determine how much the price for the entertainment will be.  There are day passes, day passes with park hopping, day passes with extensions, prices for adults, prices for children, discounts for purchasing online and for being a Florida resident.


With all the information available, you may want to get off the internet and let a travel agent arrange your Walt Disney World vacation.